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Get healthy veins and arteries! The human body has amazing innate ability to heal itself given the right resources and care. The right care includes eating a healthy diet, consulting with your healthcare provider, exercising physical activity, getting enough sleep, dealing with stress, and taking efficacious dietary supplements for added advantage.

Improving The Cardiovascular System Wherever Blood Flows

Improve Vascular Health, Circulation, Fitness

The Best Heart Health Supplements

There are numerous natural health supplements for improving vascular health and fitness.

Our approach is to refer our readers to only the best supplements for cardiovascular health that have been tested in clinical trials which are normally reserved for pharmaceutical drugs versus for dietary supplements. We only support clinically tested supplements of the highest quality, efficacy, and potency for heart healthy supplements.

In a vascular health dietary supplement you want potency, quality of ingredients, efficacy, and enough dosage that is proven in clinical trials to do actual good for the human body.

Are you looking for the best supplements to clear clogged arteries, how to remove or dissolve plaque from arteries, or remove calcium deposits from arteries?

Coronary Artery Calcium Score Test

You may want to consider getting a coronary artery calcium scan if you’re over 45+ years of age, or have a history as a smoker, if you have high cholesterol or high triglycerides or are obese, or have a genetic family history of heart disease.

Calcification of arteries can be a serious health problem and condition to address for preserving natural health and vitality. You can get a coronary calcification score test as recommended by your cardiologist or through a local radiology lab for measuring or bench-marking the quantities of calcium buildup, or calcified plaque along the inner walls of arteries.

Widowmaker Heart Attack Blockage – LAD Artery Blockage

It’s really a dire situation when humans experience a Widowmaker Heart Attack which is a heart lad artery blockage. There could be only 10+ minutes or more of time to get to an emergency care provider or hospital to get the acute care needed to get you through the critical emergency situation such as left anterior descending artery blockages.

What if there was something you can or should be doing to help prevent a Widowmaker heart attack? Would you do it and take some preventative actions or change your behavior?

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  • What is your Coronary Artery Calcification score? 35%
How to improve vascular health.


What is your Cardiovascular Calcium Score (CAC) CAC Score?

The Cardiovascular Risk Score or Coronary Calcium Score is a noninvasive screening heart scan test to gauge your coronary heart score, or coronary calcium score, which is then evaluated by a cardiologist along with other risk factors to identify if therapies are needed to stop progression of arterial calcification.

The Cardiovascular System: blood vessels, the heart muscle, the pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation systems, arteries, capillaries, veins, blood, and vessel anatomy.

Coronary Artery Risk Factors could include: genetic factors, advanced age, high CAC scan score, calcium plaque deposits, a history of poor diet, propensity for over weight and obesity, nanobacteria infection, cholesterol and triglycerides levels, a sedentary lifestyle with little physical activity, and high stress levels.

A Healthy Cardiovascular System

What is Vascular Health?

Vascular health refers to conditions that influence the blood circulatory system. Blood vessels and arteries carry blood away from the heart to all areas of the body tissues and organs. Veins and capillaries take blood away from the organs and tissues before returning blood to the heart. In addition, the heart muscle has it’s own coronary circulation system of blood vessels.

Cardiovascular System Fitness Benefits

The benefits of improving your cardiovascular system and fitness: can help increase respiratory and heart rate; helps to increase blood and oxygen throughout the human body from head to toe; helps get blood and oxygen to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, brain, muscles and blood cells; and supports metabolic training goals.

Who is Dr. Gary Mezo

Dr. Gary Mezo is Chairman and CEO of NanoBiotech Pharma Inc.

His stated goal is to help reverse chronic degenerative poor health conditions. Dr. Mezo works with cardiologists on coronary artery plaque effectively using Coronary Artery Calcium scores for screening markers for vascular health and fitness and for arterial calcification conditions.

Dr. Mezo is an expert on how to improve vascular circulation and promoting healthy blood flow.

Learn more about Dr. Gary Mezo’s vascular breakthrough formula dietary supplement.

Dr. Gary Mezo & Dr. Ray Strand: Interview About Nanobacteria

How to Improve Vascular Health & Fitness


How do you improve vascular circulation, poor vascular circulation, or blood flow through the heart when there is calcium plaque buildup in the blood vessels and arteries? Natural vascular health supplements could be an important part of the solution.

Increase Blood Flow Through The Body

Learn how to improve circulation naturally.

There are efficacious natural health dietary supplements that have been used for over a decade that have helped improve blood circulation naturally through reducing plaque. By naturally, we mean without the use of drugs or surgery procedures. Increasing blood flow to all areas of the body is a vital health goal.

Cardiologists recommendations are for increasing blood flow to the brain, legs, feet, hands and scalp, which also may include heart health supplements, vascular supplements, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle changes.

Cardiovascular Calcium Score Test

What is your Cardiovascular Calcium Score (CAC) CAC Score?

Your CAS score reference standardized measurement values of a test to meas ire the risk factors currently present for the conditions of heart attack and coronary artery calcium deposits in the blood or artery walls.

Why do you need a CAC Calcium Score Test?

In some cases a coronary calcium score test is warranted to identify calcium deposits and risk factors.

Calcium test scores for heart can vary from zero to 1000 or well above. If you have a positive coronary calcium score you may want to seriously consider reversing calcium buildup in arteries through recommendations discussed on this site including through vascular supplements and dietary changes.

How Do I Improve My Vascular Health?

The older we are the more we need to pay attention to not only dietary supplementation but in eliminating cardiovascular risk factors such as quitting smoking, eating a low cholesterol diet with high-fiber and good fats, rigorous exercise or walking at least 5 times a week, and monitoring general health condition through yearly physicals to document baselines on key health metrics such as with a blood cholesterol test, colon cancer test, a full blood and metabolic and lipid panel for amalyse and lipase for pancreas performance, urinalysis, and complete blood count (CBC) test.

Heart Health Supplements Provide Added Benefits

Reducing the risk of cardiovascular events should be a primary health priority for adults over the age of 45+ because national heart health statistics don’t lie.

Natural heart health supplements can be an important part of the solution for reducing cardiovascular risk beyond simply eating a nutritious plant-based diet which is genuinely beneficial but not always sustainable or enough.

Get help improving Vascular Health using dietary supplementation and CAC score data.

Whereverbloodflows.com helps you identify local cardiologist providers of exceptional cardiovascular care. Understand the significance of the Coronary Heart Scan Test as a marker for your personal cardiovascular health program.


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