What is Nanobacteria - nanobacteria sanguineum.

Learn what are nanobacteria - nanobacteria sanguineum.

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What Are Nanobacteria - nanobacteria sanguineum?

Nanobacteria are extremely small organisms larger that a virus but smaller than bacteria that pathologically affect human health conditions and can only be seen with advanced microscopic technology.

Nanobacterium infection has been identified in Dr Gary Mezo’s research as a primary factor in the process of coronary arterial calcification and for other pathological events such as inflammation,

Nanobacterium defininition by Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanobacterium

"Pathological Calcification is Secondary to an Infection by Nanobacteria" - Gary Mezo
Nanobacteria Protocol

There is no evidence that we have seen that indicates nanobacteria contribute anything positive to the body.

The preponderance of research shows negative implications for nanobacteria infections in the human body. A nanobacteria protocol could include dietary supplementation for getting rid of nanobacteria or nanobacterial infection.

Extensive Research Sources gathered by Anton Kutikin, PhD in The International Journal of NanoMedicine “The Role of CNPs in Biology & Medicine”



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